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June 10:   "Stories of Jesus and His Love."    Welcome by Baptism:  Ballad Beatrix Prather   

June 3:  "The Sacrament of Thanksgiving."     Welcome by Baptism:   Mike Travis 

May 13:  "The Sacrament of Belonging."   Welcome: The Mackey Family

April 29:  "Watch Over ... First Christian Church." 
                 "Watch Over ... First Presbyterian Church."
Congratulations Graduates:    Katherine, Jordan, Cierra 

April 22:  "The Lord Is My Shepherd."  

April 1:  "Where Is The Lamb?"  

March 25:  "The Holy Gospel According to St. John."  

March 4:  "The Holy Gospel According to St. Luke."   

February 25:  "The Holy Gospel According to St. Matthew."  

February 24:  Remembering Nelda Dalby    

February 18:  "The Holy Gospel According to St. Mark."   

February 4:  "Stewardship of Emotions."  

January 28:  "By Midnight Tonight."  

January 15:  Remembering  Louise McCrary  

January 14:  "When No One's Looking."   

January 7:  "Three Lights."