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The people of First Presbyterian and First Christian Churches of Post, Texas,
have been friends and colleagues in ministry for many years. 
Sunday Bible Study has been a joint experience since the early '90s. 

In May of 2008,  First Christian Church experienced the sad loss of Mr. Jack Alexander,
their long-time lay minister. Jack died after a lengthy chronic illness, through which
he continued to minister and witness to his faith. 

Jack was also an active leader in Post through his 40-plus years of work and service
in public education, the banking business, and his church.  He is deeply missed by
his family and his community.

                                     Our friend, Jack Alexander

In June of 2008, the people of First Christian Church invited pastors Jerry Koch
and Elizabeth Abraham to share in their leadership and ministry.  
We are honored to do so and look forward to what God has planned for us in the future