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From Jerry, December 28:   "Living Thanks." 

From Jerry, Dec. 21:  "God So Loved."       Candle Light Sermon:  "One on One."  

From Elizabeth, Dec. 14:  "Advent Waiting."

From Elizabeth, Dec. 7:  "Advent Comfort."

From Jerry, Nov. 30:   "Full Circle." 

From Elizabeth, Nov. 23:  "The Imperative of Love."

From Jerry, Nov. 16:  "Outcomes & Assessments."

From Jerry, Nov. 9:  "He Can Use You."    Religious Affiliations of the U.S. Presidents

From Jerry, Nov. 2:   "Friendly Rivalries." 

From Jerry, Oct. 26:  "The Big Picture." 

From Elizabeth, Oct. 19:  "The Bread of Life."

From Jerry, Oct. 12:  "From Hence to Yonder Place."

From Jerry, October 5: "Recognizing Ourselves."

From Elizabeth, Sept. 28:  "Doing Love." 

From Jerry, September 21:   "F-O-U-R the Treasure."   Gilbert and Sullivan's  "I Am The The Very Model ..."      

From Jerry, September 14:  "Good Will Come Again."

From Jerry, September 7:  "Ties That Bind." 

From Elizabeth, August 31:  "Life: Losing, Gaining, Living."

From Jerry, August 24:  "Fully Human."  

From Jerry, August 17:    "Down the Mountain."

From Jerry, August 10:  "Dear Lily."

From Jerry, August 3:   "Someone to Watch Over." 

From Elizabeth, July 27:  "Solomon's Prayer."  

From Jerry, July 13:  "Ask, Seek, Knock."  

From Jerry, July 6:   "Unsung."  

From Jerry, June 29:  "Time is Short." 

From Elizabeth, June 22:  "Witness of Love." 

From Jerry, June 15: "Still Here."   Research Note:  Types of Prayer  

From Jerry, June 8: "Greatest Sin ... Greatest Blessing."
                                      Jerry Jeff Walker's "Lovin' Makes Livin' Worthwhile."  

From Jerry, June 1:  "A Place to Sit and Rest." 

From Jerry, May 25:  "Living In Between."  

From Jerry, May 18:  "The Sum of its Parts." 

From Elizabeth, May 11:  "Mother's Day and Pentecost."

From Jerry, May 4:  "Enduring Words."    

From Jerry, April 27:  "Decisions."   

From Jerry, April 20:    "Counter-curses."

From Elizabeth, April 13:  "The Shepherd's Presence."

From Jerry, April 6:   "Honor the Game."

From Jerry, March 30:    "2 Minutes Extra." 

From Jerry, March 23:   "The Altruistic Donor."

From Elizabeth, (text) March 16:  "Palms of Peace."

From Jerry, March 9:    "The Unlikely Missionary."

From Jerry, March 2:    "Have No Illusions."    

From Jerry, February 24:    "This Good Life."  

From Jerry, February 17:   "The Sharp Edge of Love."

From Elizabeth, (text) February 10:  "Lessons from the Wilderness"

From Jerry, February 3:   "Technical Difficulties"    Click Here  for Jeff Dunham and Peanut

From Jerry, January 27:   "Here We Go Again."  (Audio is low - mic. needed new battery)

From Elizabeth, January 20:   "What Are You Looking For?"  

From Jerry, January 13:   "Certificate of Authenticity." 

From Jerry, January 6:  "Revise and Resubmit."