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    From Jerry, December 30:     "Thank you for the baby."

    From Elizabeth, December 23:  "Christmas Meditation."

    From Jerry, December 16:    "Feel the Love"   
    Jerry's Candle light Christmas Sermon, Dec. 16:  "Hark, the Angel Harold."

    From Jerry, December 9:    "Erma is Erma."   

    From Jerry, December 2:  "Words That Move Mountains"

    From Jerry, November 11:  "Kinship, Community, & Congregation"

    October 31:  Remembering Johnnie Francis  

    From Jerry, October 28:   "Unmasked."   

    From Jerry, October 21: "Appreciating Diversity"

    From Jerry, October 14:   "Relative Deprivation"  

    From Jerry, October 7:  "True & Truth"

    From Jerry, September 30:   "Risk and Reward"  

    From Jerry, September 23:  "Out of Bounds."

    From Jerry, September 16:  "Today there is good news."

   From  Jerry, September 9:  "A Still Small Voice."  

    From  Jerry, September 2:   "Lost and Found"

   From Jerry, August 26:     "Have No Anxiety"    Audio of  "Who's On First?"       Two  Ocean pictures    

   From Elizabeth, August 12:  "God's Pleasure."

   From  Jerry, August 5:    "Sticking Our Necks Out"    

   From Jerry, July 29,         "Like a Shepherd."

   From Jerry, July 22:         "Homecoming."  

    From Jerry, July 15,         "This is the day."       Link to The Jimmy V Foundation

    From Jerry, July 8,           "Uncommon"   

    From Elizabeth, July 1,   "Freedom For ... "

    From Elizabeth, June 24,  "Our Need for Rest and Leisure."

    From Jerry, June 17,   "All In"

    From Jerry, June 10,  "The Impact Factor"   

    From Jerry, June 3:   "Bicentennial"

    From Elizabeth, May 27, "The Spirit of Pentecost"      

    From Elizabeth, May 20, "Let Jesus Show"  

    From Jerry, May 13:  "Passages, Part 2:  Church"   
                                        Audio of  Leah Marie Balka's Baptism  
                                        Pictures from the Baptism    More  Leah 

    From Jerry, May 6:  "Passages, Part 1:  Family"

    From Jerry, April 29:   "Perceptions"

    From Jerry, April 22:  "Do Not Be Anxious ... " 

    From Jerry, April 15:   "God's Own People."
            The full Research Report on Religion, Deviance, and Body Art      
            The Baylor Lariat  Report on the Project

    From Jerry, Easter, April 8
"His Passion For You."

    From Jerry, April 1:    "Exceeding Expectations"  

    From Jerry, March 25:    "Cracked Pots" 

    From Jerry, March 18:   "Border Patrol" 

    From Elizabeth, March 11:    "God's Presence:  For Better and For Worse" 

    From Jerry, March 4:  "God In A Box"       Link to:  Lost Tomb of Jesus

    From Jerry, February 25:  "Clean Closets; Clean Hearts."

    From Elizabeth, February 18, 2007:  "Mysteries and Meanings"  

    From Jerry, February 11, 2007:   "Friends Are ..."  

    From Jerry, February 4, 2007:     "Ghost Stories"  

    From Jerry, January 28, 2007:    "Mind of a Child" 

    From Jerry, January 7, 2007:      "The Light Goes On."