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From Elizabeth, Dec. 27:  "God With Us."

Candlelight Worship sermon:   "Unto Us."

From Jerry, December 20:   "Love is the Word Made Flesh."      Andy Wilkinson singing "Love is a River ..."

From Jerry, December 13:   "Knowing Joy."

From Jerry, December 6:   "A Wealth of Peace." 

From Jerry, November 29:   "Stories of Hope."   
        A picture of the "P-52"  fragment from John's Gospel mentioned in "Stories of Hope."    

From Elizabeth, Nov. 22:   "A Grateful Heart."

From Jerry, November 15:   "Many Members."

From Jerry, November 8:    "Worth the Risk."    Audio of  "Borderless Love"  performed by The Flatlanders 

From Jerry, November 1:   "The Judas Factor."   

From Jerry, October 18:   "Learning the Secret."

From Jerry, October 11:   "Threshold of Impact."   Jerry's forthcoming article:  "Body Art, Deviance, and American College Students."

From Jerry, October 4:  "What is Truth?"  

From Jerry, September 27:   "Benefit of the Doubt" 

From Elizabeth, Sept. 20:   "Our Great Need."

From Jerry, September 13:  "Changing Times." 

From Jerry, September 6:  "The Good Portion."      Barnes and Noble's information about the book:  Celebrate the Sun

From Jerry, August 30:   "Character Produces Hope."      Audio of Jerry Jeff Walker's song:  Gettin' By  

From Jerry, August 23:   "The Inspired Word."  
        The picture of Lily  from the Aug. 23 sermon.          Link to info about Biblical Scholar Bart D. Ehrman  

From Elizabeth, August 16:  "The Wisdom Death Brings."

From Elizabeth, August 9:  "The Sustaining Bread of Life."

From Jerry, August 2:   "Table Grace."

From Jerry, July 26:  "Decisions and Outcomes." 
        For information about the social practices of companies you know:

From Jerry, July 19:   "Believe in Music."
           Here is Willie Nelson  and others singing "America the Beautiful" following 9/11.

From Jerry, July 12:   "Visible Scars."      The Visible Scar picture.

From Jerry, July 5:   "Free Indeed."

From Jerry, June 28:    "Because you are accepted ..." 

From Elizabeth, June 21:  "The Storm Center of Faith."

From Jerry, June 14:  "Anything Worth Doing . . . "

From Jerry, June 7:   "Diversity and the Trinity."      Andy Williams singing:   "Some Children See Him."

From Jerry, May 31:  "The Evidence of the Spirit." 

From Elizabeth, May 24:  "Remembrance and Love."

From Jerry, May 17:   "Transitions & Commitments." 

From Jerry, May 10:   "New Meanings." 

From Jerry, May 3:  "Ready for a Miracle." 

From Elizabeth, April 19:   "Peace of Resurrection."

From Jerry, April 12:   "Sunrise."    Sunrise schedule for Lubbock  

From Jerry, April 5:   "Perception, Passion, and Power."

From Jerry, March 29:   "Nothing Says You Can't."

From Jerry, March 22:  "Reckless Abandon."

From Elizabeth, March 15:  "Does God Always Heal?"

From Jerry, March 8:  "Thou Art With Me."

From Elizabeth, March 1:  "Wilderness Temptations."

From Jerry, Feb. 22:   "True Greatness."   

From Jerry, Feb. 15:   "We Are That Guy."

From Jerry, Feb. 8:  "The Heart and the Cross."    
           Jerry's research: "Religion, Fundamentalism, and Partner Violence."

From Jerry, Feb. 1:   "Bread and Butter Life Together."     

From Jerry, Jan. 25:  "I'll Raise You A Dime."     

From Elizabeth, Jan. 18:  "Samuels Calling."

From Jerry, Jan. 11:   "Flickers of Light."

From Jerry, January 4:  "It Starts With Baptism."