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Candlelight Service Sermon:  "Home for Christmas."  

From Jerry, December 18:  "Love Songs."      Link to audio of all the Songs.    
          Margie's solo,  "Gesu Bambino." 

From Jerry, December 11: "Rejoice With Me." 
Lynette's Piano Solo  

From Jerry, December 4: "Talking Peace."   
Margie and Lynette's Duet   

From Jerry, November 27:  "Whispering Hope." 
Tree Decorating, 2011  

From Jerry, November 13, "The Treasure is Empathy."    

November 2:  Remembering  Giles McCrary 

From Jerry, October 23, "Muscle Memory."    

From Jerry, October 16, "These Things are Helpful."   
  Jerry's Radio Interview concerning fan behavior at the TTU vs. TAMU game

From Jerry, October 2,   "What's Going On Here?" 

From Jerry, September 25,  "Squadoosh."  
    Welcome  Stella Elizabeth Costen    (Giles and Nelda's great-granddaughter).

From Jerry, September 11:  "Connections."   
      From PBS Frontline: Faith and Doubt at Ground Zero  

From Jerry, September 4,  "You Might As Well Laugh."

September 1:  Remembering Mike Mitchell 

From Jerry, August 28:  Praying for Persecutors   
      Common Ground  between Christianity, Islam, and Judaism.                     

From Jerry, August 21:  "The Remnant."

From Jerry, July 31:  "Free to Be You."

From Jerry, July 25:  "Our Father."

From Jerry, July 17:  "Take a Seat." 

From Jerry, July 3: "Freedom from ... Freedom to ... "   (Audio quality is very poor - low battery on microphone).

June 29:  Remembering Sammie Pollard

From Jerry, June 26: "Don't Squander the Light."
The commercial mentioned in the sermon: Stethoscope

From Jerry, June 12:  "The Evidence of Inspiration." 

From Jerry, June 5:   "Talking Points."   

From Jerry, May 22:   "In the Meantime."    Garry Trudeau's  Doonesbury on the end of time

From Jerry, May 15:  "Who Needs Religion?"   Data Report:   "Seeking the Moral Community."

From Jerry, May 8:  "What Mothers Feel." 
           Sports Illustrated
columnist Phil Taylor's essay, Mother's Day Gift

From Jerry, May 1 "Easter People in a Good Friday World."  

Jerry's Easter sermon,  April 24:   "Wow!"    Margie and Lynette's piano/organ duet:   "The Holy City."  

From Jerry, April 17:   "Hope Lives in Stories"

From Jerry, April 3:   "Simple Questions."  

From Jerry, March 27:   "Tossing a Starfish."  

From Jerry, March 20:   "March Madness."
         JoAnn Travis Running the Race at the Texas Motor Speedway.

From Jerry, March 6:   "Headwinds." 
        Check out the
Lenten Self-Esteem Scale    Washington Post opinion page     Washington Times opinion page

From Jerry, Feb. 27:    "Bringing Good With Prayer."

From Jerry, Feb. 20:   At His Word

From Jerry, Feb. 13:   Love For Real  

From Jerry, Jan 23:   To Make and Move Mountains 

From Jerry, Jan. 9:   "Have No Illusions."

From Jerry, Jan. 2:   "Expect to Get Lit Up." 
                Washington Post Pulitzer Prize article about Joshua Bell.       
                Granddaughter Lily who lights us up every time!